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Purify…and Party!

Purify…and Party!

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June 23rd is a night to remember if you’re holidaying in Tenerife. Join the islanders for one of the most spectacular festivals of the year.

Once the sun has set, the beaches are full with people ready to celebrate the arrival of summer on La Noche de San Juan (the Night of Saint John).

Both in the hills and on the beaches, bonfires are lit symbolising a purifying process. You may even see some people leaping over the bonfire three times to purify themselves, or writing a wish on a piece of paper, burning it and burying it in the sand – in the hope it will come true.

On San Juan Bautista’s Day itself, in Puerto de la Cruz, goat keepers from the hills above the town bring their flocks down to the coast to bathe them in the sea in the early morning.

Baño de Cabras (bathing of the goats), as it is known, is said to date back to pre-Hispanic times, quite literally making the animals a living representation of the scapegoat whose purification brings good fortune to all in the local community.

Whichever tradition you choose to participate in, you can be sure it will be a great experience.