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Mount Teide National Park

Mount Teide National Park

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Mount Teide National Park is located just under an hour away from Select Sunningdale and its lunar type landscapes makes for a fascinating day trip out.

The highest point in Spain, and the third highest volcano in the world measured from its base on the ocean floor, Mount Teide soars 3,718 metres above sea level.

The volcano and surrounding areas make up the National Park which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 and is one of the most visited national parks in the world.

Planned excursions to Mount Teide are available to book from Select Sunningdale or you can make your own way if you hire a car. The drive up to Mount Teide National Park is interesting and the scenery is quite breathtaking.

From your accommodation near Mount Teide on the sun drenched south coast, head inland to Vilaflor and pass through green, almost alpine, scenery, but as you climb higher, the National Park is situated at 2,000 metres, and the landscape dramatically changes in appearance and colour to take on a surreal lunar feel, something not to be missed.

During the winter the National Park can have a blanket of snow covering it, but even in the summer, take some appropriately warm clothing as it can become chilly at altitude.

Mount Teide flora and fauna

The National Park is a massive unspoilt wilderness with many hiking trails and routes to explore through rock formations left over by lava-flows and fields of wild flowers and forests. The park is home to literally hundreds of different species of trees, flowers, insects and birds.

The visitor centre will assist you with maps and tell you the best hiking trails of the day, and you can also reserve a place in the daily organised hiking tour.

The very peak and crater of Mount Teide are ‘restricted access’ only, but the best way to reach almost to the top is via the cable car that will whisk you 2,200 metres up in a matter of 10 minutes.

Mount Teide National Park is a must-see during your holiday in Tenerife and from Select Sunningdale’s convenient south location, the park is under an hour away.

Enquire at Reception for more details on making your own way or taking a planned excursion to Mount Teide from Select Sunningdale.

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